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Introducing our "Executioner" T-shirt — a daring fusion of dark mystique and fearless style.

💀 Bold Executioner Graphic: The centerpiece of this T-shirt is the striking executioner graphic on the front. Meticulously designed, the executioner is a symbol of power, and an unapologetic embrace of the unconventional. The intricate detailing captures the essence of a mysterious force, making a bold statement that demands attention.

🔥 Rebellious Comfort: Experience the rebellious spirit without compromising comfort. Crafted from premium materials, this T-shirt provides a soft and comfortable fit, allowing you to wear your boldness with ease. The fabric feels gentle against your skin, making it an ideal choice for those who demand both style and comfort.

Versatile Edge: From casual outings to expressing your unique style at events, the "Executioner" T-shirt effortlessly adapts to various occasions. Pair it with distressed jeans for a casual look or under a leather jacket for an extra edge. This tee is a versatile canvas for showcasing your distinctive personality.

Embrace the darkness, seize the power, and make a fearless statement with the "Executioner's" T-shirt. It's more than apparel; it's a manifestation of your fearless style and refusal to conform.

  Front body length Chest width Across Shoulder Sleeve Length
XS 263/4 in. 171/8 in. 171/8 in. 81/2 in.
S 273/4 in. 19 in. 19 in. 83/4 in.
M 285/8 in. 21 in. 21 in. 9 in.
L 291/2 in. 227/8 in. 227/8 in. 91/4 in.
XL 301/2 in. 243/4 in. 243/4 in. 91/2 in.
2XL 313/8 in. 265/8 in. 265/8 in. 93/4 in.
3XL 323/8 in. 281/2 in. 285/8 in. 10 in.



Made of 100% USA cotton, this textile is durable, comfortable, and virtually shrink-free thanks to the garment dye process. Garment-dyed means it's been washed in dye after it was sewn, so the color will stay true even after repeated washings. It also gives a broken-in feel, just like your favorite T-shirt that's been worn for a decade.

• Unisex
• Made In U.S.A.
• 6.5 oz/yd2
• 18/1 open end cotton

100% Cotton

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