Behind The Scene

Hell & Company is a project I decided to start based off of my brand Nuclearbane. I think its pretty obvious there is a lot of bullshit going on in this world. Especially in our own little worlds that really do not  mean shit in the grand scheme of things. So I like to think we are in hell with company in our own minds. So I enjoy creating a specific style of art to express myself. And what better way to express yourself by wearing the clothing that speaks on so many levels of who you are.  Most of the inspiration behind my art comes from the music that I listen to whether its heavy metal, punk or even some sad boy rapper bullshit. Music takes me to another level of creativity.  In reality all I ever wanted to do was draw some cool shit and put it on somebody’s shirt and they love wearing it. I’ve wanted this my entire life and will continue to pursue it. its not about the popularity or a trend and fuck all that culture band wagon bullshit. I’m in this to make cool shit for people that share the same love and passion I do for clothing, music and artwork combined. Something that represents a certain type of individual. Someone who chooses violence over conformity....a misfit
My names Kyle
Im the creator of Nuclearbane
/ Hell & Company
I imagined this in 1993 started in 2014
Thanks for being here.
"Sometimes, the greatest strength is not in escaping hell, but in finding the courage to build your own heaven within its flames."